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EntoGreen aims to contribute to the development of sustainable food, focusing on the development of biologically based technologies that enable the reuse of nutritional waste that occurs in the agri-food sector and reintroducing them into the food chain.

This ambition was born by the fusion of concerns and solutions presented by two entrepreneurs, Daniel Murta and Rui Nunes.

Sustainability concerns in the agricultural sector have led Daniel to create Ingredient Odyssey in 2014. It was originally intended to provide an alternative and more sustainable source of protein to those traditionally used in animal feed. Insects have emerged as a solution to the future because they are easy to produce and can take advantage of low-value waste streams.

Rui initially had different concerns. The accumulation of agro-food waste and food loss were central. The use of insects would be an advantageous solution, converting these problems into a solution.

It was from the convergence of these ideas and concerns that EntoGreen emerged in the early 2015. By aligning these two aspects, it was possible to develop a more sustainable and efficient system operating in several central areas of the agri-food sector.

Thus, EntoGreen is focused in contributing for the sustainability through the reuse of vegetable by-products, creating novel nutrient alternatives for animal feed. Besides that, EntoGreen offers alternative ways for soil fertilization, looking to contribute to the agriculture sustainability. This way, EntoGreen intends to contribute to the different areas of food manufacturing, promoting its circularity.

EntoGreen is a brand of Ingredient Odyssey, Lda.



Daniel Murta


Daniel leads the research and development department and is always on the lookout for new opportunities and partnerships that can take EntoGreen's
processes and services a step further. As a veterinarian, he developed an interest for the food chain sustainability, but it was during his PhD that he strengthened his research and development approach skills.

He wants to contribute to a nutrition with future.

Rui Nunes


Rui manages the logistic and production processes, being in contact with the reality lived by our costumers. His background in Industrial Chemistry, MBA and professional experience give him the  necessary skills to deal with the different realities in the business world. As a chemist, he concerns himself with the nutritional losses existent in the food chain production.

 He wants to reduce the food waste in the world.








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