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Projeto n.º 17675_EntoValor
Promoter: Ingredient Odysey



The EntoValor project is a co-promotion project led by EntoGreen and with the collaboration of 4 partners, INIAV, AgroMais, Rações Zêzere and Consulai.


The climate summit in Paris carries the hope that global countries will commit to measures to slow climate change. A strategy to combat this problem is simply to reduce waste, turning us into a circular economy where we reuse everything we can.

The EntoValor project, promoted by Ingredient Odyssey, Lda. (Which owns the EntoGreen brand), aims to collaborate in this effort with the main objective of contributing to the transition to a circular economy in the agrifood sector, where the value of products, materials and resources stay in the value chain as long as possible and waste generation is kept to a minimum. This is a key contribution to the development of a sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient and competitive economy.

More specifically, this project aims to address the following three major issues: 

The Project

The transition to a circular economy involves the conversion of organic residues of agri-food origin into secondary raw materials, notably new nutritional sources for compound feed and organic soil fertilizers. These wastes are biobased materials and may have advantages related to their renewableness, biodigestion or possibility of conversion.

The engine of this conversion is the insects, particularly the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Hermetia illucens. The BSF larvae will be the key piece necessary to close the productive cycle of agrifood products, allowing to return the nutrients that would otherwise be lost to animals and soils. These larvae, after reaching an advanced larval stage, are separated and dehydrated, constituting a nutritional source to include in compound feedingstuffs. Waste biodegraded by these larvae will later be used as organic fertilizers.

EntoValor na Terra Emergente da SIC Notícias

EntoValor na Terra Emergente da SIC Notícias

The Partners

Existing technical and scientific knowledge is lacking in developments to enable industrial application. The project foresees the establishment of this knowledge, leading to field tests, the installation of a pilot unit and prototypes that enable the recovery of this waste on an industrial scale efficiently.

The development of the solutions is structured to identify initially which organic residues can be converted by the BSF larvae and how efficient this conversion is. To this end, Ingredient Odyssey, responsible for insect design and production, will work closely with Agromais Plus co-promoter S.A., an agri-food producer in the horticultural sector. This company will provide samples of residues that will be tested individually (onion, potato, broccoli and other vegetable residues). Subsequently, processes and methods of waste recovery (by digestion) will be developed to maximize the efficiency of these operations. Throughout these processes will be sampled the products obtained (larvae and organic fertilizers resulting from the digestion caused by the larvae), for evaluation by the co-promoter INIAV (National Institute of Agricultural and Veterinary Research, IP), the nutritional quality and search for any microbiological, chemical and toxic contaminants. Finally, the use of the developed end products, the secondary raw materials, in the compound feed industry will be studied by the co-promoter Rações Zêzere, SA (laying hens) and INIAV (fattening chickens), and as organic fertilizer. , by INIAV and Agromais Plus.

In this first approach, in parallel with the development of processes for the efficient recovery of these wastes, rules will be established to ensure the quality and biosecurity of the end products, which are essential for the evaluation of the possibility of using this recovery strategy. Consulai - Consultoria Agro-Industrial, Lda. (Co-promoter), will develop a dynamic platform, available online, where results will be disseminated to society and that will be a tool for raising awareness and monitoring the progress to be achieved.

The end result of the project is the creation of a new industry in Portugal that generates economic value and is based on agri-food sustainability. The lead company hopes with this project to create two new innovative product lines and a new service. However, due to the exportable nature of the products and services, they want this project to catapult them to the international market in the near future.

EntoValor no Ciência 2017

Larvas de Mosca Soldado Negro

Project Location

The EntoValor project is based in the Santarém region, however there are field trials taking place throughout the region and also in the Ferreira do Zêzere area.

However, the pilot unit developed under this project was deployed within the National Zootechnical Station, taking advantage of previously existing spaces.

This unit is the center of the entire process and the place where by-products are received and where the end products to be tested come out.

Disclosure actions

Examples of project presentations at events

 Apresentação PDF 



 Apresentação PDF 

Good Practice Handbook on Insect Processing and Utilization in Animal Feed - in collaboration with DGAV


The Development of the Good Practices Manual emerged as an indirect result of developments under the EntoValor project, which contributed to the creation of a new productive sector in Portugal, validating this new concept.

DGAV, the governmental entity responsible for animal feed, and responsible for the creation of the Manual, identified the need to clarify the rules and regulations applicable to this activity.

EntoGreen was actively involved in the creation of this document, by invitation of DGAV, and its presentation and printing was done within the EntoValor project, thus contributing undeniably to the dissemination of the area and success of the sector, taking the first steps in your statement.







Final Event EntoValor - November 22 2019

After 3 years the EntoValor project comes to an end. Over these almost 40 months it has been possible to apply the production techniques of Black Soldier Fly and its final products to a scale never before attempted in Portugal and undeniably contribute to the establishment of a new productive sector in our country.
The final event of the project will take place at the National Zootechnical Station, Quinta Fonte Boa - Fonte Boa 2005-048 Vale de Santaréme will be full of news.
We will be attended by distinguished guests from the agrifood sector and the recent insect sector, both at national and European level, and the ideal setting for discussion will be created.
Watch the program and be sure to subscribe.




In the EntoValor Project We Return Nutrients to Plants and Animals, Bringing the Circular Economy to the Food Industry


The project is supported by COMPETE 2020 within the framework of the Incentive Systems for Research and Technological Development in Copromotion, involving an eligible investment of 728 thousand euros which resulted in an ERDF incentive of 492 thousand euros.








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