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EntoValor Final Event

After 40 months of work focused on the role of insects in the circular economy applied to the agrifood sector, the EntoValor project will hold its final event on November 22nd. The event will start at 9am at the National Zootechnical Station, Quinta Fonte Boa - Fonte Boa 2005-048 Vale de Santarém.

November 22, will be marked by many new features, presenting the progress achieved within the project and streamlined with various discussions between various entities of the Portuguese and international agro-industrial sector.

EntoValor is a co-promoted project led by EntoGreen and with the collaboration of four other partners, the National Institute for Agricultural and Veterinary Research (INIAV), AgroMais Plus, Rações Zêzere and Consulai.

This project is distinguished by being one of the first to be implemented in the national territory at this scale. The plant that EntoGreen intends to build with the know-how generated under the project will therefore be one of the first to be implemented in the world, thus contributing to the region's economic development and creating a productive and innovative sector in the region. our country.

EntoValor arose from the lack of developed technical and scientific knowledge, which would allow its application on an industrial scale. With this project it was possible to establish this knowledge through field tests, the installation of a pilot unit and prototypes that enable the recovery of this waste on an industrial scale in an efficient manner.

In the light of the above, the work carried out during this project has contributed to the transition to a circular economy in the agri-food sector, which involves the conversion of plant by-products into secondary raw materials, notably new nutritional sources for animal feed and organic fertilizers for food. soils. These by-products are biobased materials and may have advantages linked to their renewability, digestion or convertibility.

The end result of the project was the creation of a new industry in Portugal, generating economic value and based on agri-food sustainability. The lead company hopes with this project to create two new innovative product lines and a new service. However, due to the exportable nature of the products and services, they want this project to catapult them to the international market in the very near future. To this end EntoGreen expects to start building a large-scale production unit that translates into an investment of several million euros, to be implemented in Ribatejo, the agricultural heart of our country.

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