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Current Challenges of the Food Industry

Soil Overuse


Animal Feed

The world human population has increased exponentially and, as a consequence the agri-food production has become increasingly more intensive and unsustainable.

Vegetable producers struggle to maintain their soil fertility, using mainly chemical and mineral fertilizers, which contribute to water pollution. The demand for sustainable soil fertilizers has increased and the organic fertilizers are a possible solution, contributing for an increased water retention in the soil and decreasing the leaching of mineral nutrients.

The world production of animal products is increasing in a very aggressive way in the last years, prompting an increase in the prices of nutritional sources for animal feed and increasing the environmental impact of animal production.

Thus, animal producers now struggle to find nutritional sources for animal feed, mainly protein sources, as the current main protein sources are mainly imported to Europe.


The relevance of Agri-food Production by-products

EntoGreen has developed a bioconversion process to transform vegetable by-products in response to these challenges.
This is a biologically based technology that uses insects as the engine to transform the nutrients lost in new nutritional sources for both plants and animals.


The Bioconvertion Process

How does it works?

Black soldier flies are produced in our facilities, which we create the ideal life conditions to allow reproduction and the production of large quantities of eggs. These fly eggs are then inoculated into a food mix developed by EntoGreen and will generate the larvae at the ideal stage for inoculation into the vegetable by-products to bioconverter. 




We reuse the vegetal by-products that are given to us by agri-foodproducers. These wastes, solely vegetable and of controlled origin, are processed and used in the feeding of the insects produced in our facilities.




After a few days, the larvae increased several times in size and digested all the substrates used, having converted the nutrients present in the by-products in organic fertilizer to the soil.


 The larvae, rich in protein and fat, serve as animal feed (whose natural feed actually include insects) or are processed into insect meal, an animal feed ingredient.


Products and Services

EntoGreen  intends to be involved in all the steps that contribute to sustainability in the Agro-food sector, through the following products and service:



We offer a service of valorization of food waste of vegetal origin, a service based on the bioconversion by the larvae of the Black Sold Fly and that is the basis of our process.


The implementation of this service assigns a sustainability lable to our partners


Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer has a balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that puts it among the best organic fertilizers available and can be produced with different characteristics depending on the used vegetable by-products. Its constitution in organic matter contributes to soil health and keeps the nutrients longer in the soil.

We are currently producing several tons of fertilizer and performing trials in experimental fields, focusing on their use in various crops.


Animal Nutrition

The produced larvae are separated, dehydrated and processed, producing the insect meal, the main product of EntoGreen.


This insect meal has about 40% protein and 30% fat and are a very interesting nutritional source for pet and fish feed, but in the future they will certainly also have a role in feeding poultry and pigs.

We are currently conducting feeding trials with various animal species and looking for partners interested in developing new product lines.










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