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Sustainable Challenges


EntoGreen works for a sustainable food chain

 The contribute for sustainability, along with the finding of alternative ways in the flux of the carbon chain is one of the grand objectives that EntoGreen looks to achieve, bearing this in its sight in all processes and products it develops.

The sustainability should be a guarantee in all sectors, and EntoGreen intends to be involved in all the steps that contribute to its assurance.

EntoGreen presents several solutions for current issues in this sector and always with the intention of augmenting its sustainability in the future.

The use of insects in the bio-conversion of organic residues, either urban or originated from food production, allows to reduce the amount of waste that is directed to landfills or composting and the consequent loss of a big share of its nutrients. This way, EntoGreen intends to recycle these nutrients in the food chain and the soils.

The aftermost availability of insect flour as a nutritional source for livestock feed allows to reduce the dependency of traditionally used sources, which are not sustainable and impose a great pressure of erosion on the soils. As such, EntoGreen converts residues, while at the same time, recycling the nutrients. By doing this, we give back to the soil a large amount os the nutrients that would be lost in other process.



Residue bio-conversion grant the future

EntoGreen provides a service of organic residue bio-conversion through the use of Black Soldier Fly maggots. This ends in the production of extremely nutritious maggots and soil fertilizer, product of their digestion.

The maggots produced with this method are then dehydrated and sent to the livestock feed industry, while the fertilizer created by the maggots can be used by the client himself.

The solution of residue bio-conversion is available for companies of the food production sector.









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